Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of the same questions from our customers. We’ve created this index of answers to common questions to help reduce response times. If your question isn’t here please use our contact form.

How will you perform and deliver my valuation? 

The exact nature of our valuation software is a tightly guarded secret and therefore we do not disclose the algorithm and metrics that contribute to the quoted price. Nevertheless, you can expect to have an industry-leading valuation delivered by email within 48 working hours after the team have assessed your domain or website and fully evaluated its merits.

How can I utilize my valuation to assist in negotiations? 

Our clients include both buyers and sellers of digital assets, and with differing strategic goals come differing methods of execution. We advise our clients to use their valuation to help guide their decision-making; regardless of which side of the negotiating table they occupy.

If we do it may also be beneficial to make your valuation available to prospective buyers/sellers to demonstrate the weight of industry experience that backs your negotiating position. In other cases, clients use their valuations to immediately identify bargain acquisitions and/or good offers and act immediately to secure these opportunities in the fast-moving internet marketplace we inhabit.

Is my domain/website suitable for a valuation? 

Yes. We use sophisticated industry-leading software to develop valuations that possess cutting-edge relevance across all niches and sectors.

How do you process orders? 

Our suite of valuations services is available to view on our website at all times. Our payment processing facility is handled by PayPal who provide safe and seamless transactions. Once notified of your order our team of professionals go to work providing you with a best-in-class valuation.

Can we share our Domai valuation publicly?

 Yes, it is acceptable to display valid valuation credentials both publicly or with other parties in private negotiations.

Can third parties verify the veracity of our valuation with you?

 Yes, please direct parties to our contact page if they are seeking confirmation or validation of a price you’ve been quoted.

I have more questions! What is the best way to contact you? 

Please reach out to the team via our dedicated contact form if you have additional queries. We are happy to assist and aim to handle all queries within 48 hours.

My payment is not working. How can I order? 

PayPal processes payments on our behalf and they accept orders from all customers whether they possess their own PayPal account or not. If you have encountered a technical difficulty please feel free to contact us directly and we will issue you with an invoice via email to make your purchase.

I have ordered but not yet received my valuation! What should I do?

First, please check all your email folders! Some overly sensitive filtering software may block communications from our webservers or divert them from your inbox. In case you haven’t received your valuation in 48 hours, please check your email then reach out to us via our contact form if you are still unable to find your order.