How to Sell Your Domain for Big Money (or Not)

Having your domain value estimated by an accredited authority is the first step to selling it. This process isn’t rocket science but there are simple preparations to make to ensure success. Having an accurate domain appraisal will ensure you get the highest sale price possible.

Setting the Stage for Success

Many millions of domain names have been bought up over recent decades by speculative investors one step ahead of the rest. Many self-styled domainers and investors have recognized the value of domain names, not only for development, but also as intrinsically valuable assets.

This major investment trend has driven the creation of hundreds of so-called ‘portfolio millionaires’ — domainers made rich from a collection of simple registrations. But what precisely is it that separates million-dollar names from their less valuable counterparts? A professional domain appraisal is the only way to put aside guess work.

We’ve all hard the phrase ‘knowledge is power’ and preparing for a domain sale is all about thorough planning. If you enter negotiations with clear advice from professionals as to the strengths and weaknesses of your asset you’re better able to confidently control your sales prices. We equip you with the knowledge to make the maximum return on your asset. Don’t leave it to chance.

Tips to Sell Your Domain

In our experience, people think their domains are much more valuable than they actually are. It’s not easy to step back and see the larger picture of domain demand when you’re overly attached to one. With a few tips you can set yourself up for success.

Dictionary Words Mean Money

Chances are that you won’t find any words in any dictionary available for registration. Chances are you won’t find many two-word combinations of dictionary words. Yes—that many domains have been sold. If you have a domain that contains a single dictionary word you should have a professional appraisal done. It could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Less Letters Mean More Bucks

Ever seen a domain name like It’s hard to remember, hard to spell, and just begs to have people forget about it. There’s a place for these as practical jokes of marketing ploys but, in everyday business, no one wants a really long domain name. If your domain name is five or fewer letters there’s a chance it’s valuable. Four letter domains, even in nonsense letter combinations, are worth thousands of dollars. Three letter combinations are worth tens of thousands, two are worth six figures, and single letter domains aren’t really available but would be easily worth millions a piece, if not tens-of-millions.

Weird TLDs Aren’t That Cool After All

Did you scurry to register a domain like my.profile,, or Each of these would probably be worth appraising but the majority of these random TLD domains aren’t worth much yet. There’s a handful that have seen widespread adoption in some industries. TLDs like .io and .me are more valuable than .agent and .realestate. These are often better suited for specific marketing campaigns than day-to-day use. One caveat is that shorter tlds have some attractiveness for their ability to be used as shortlinks. Think,, and

Get Your Domain Name Found

Sometimes buyers don’t know what they want until they see it. Having your domain listed on the biggest reseller platforms can help it get exposure it would otherwise not see. SEDO, 1&1, GoDaddy, and UniRegistry are among the best places to sell domains. Just remember that listing a domain is no miracle. Buyers often use specialized tools to help them find domains. is one such tool that aggregates domain names from GoDaddy,, and several other sources to compare metrics. Does your site have metrics? Probably a good time to find out!


There’s no sure thing when it comes to selling domain names. Exact match domain names (keyword matches) used to mean big bucks but today’s market celebrates brandable names. Taking all the advice in this article into account before selling your domain will help better understand if it’s even worth your time. After all, why spend $100+ on a professional appraisal for a domain that’s worth $25? Sometimes a simple email is all you need to figure that out!