RankExec is a place for learning. We provide industry analysis for the latest SEO tips and ranking factors. In addition, we provide professional services to many types of businesses. To understand more about our services, our pricing, and what we can do for you, please read through this page carefully.

What can we do for you?

At RankExec, we pride ourselves on our two main strengths: expertise and experience. We combine these with our diligence and commitment to customer satisfaction to supply the most accurate and reliable website and domain name valuations on the web.

We have been assessing the value of digital assets and web properties since 2008 and pride ourselves on the quality of our software and analytics process, which incorporates the latest market trends to provide a cutting edge service to thousands of clients.

Domain Name Valuation

We find time and time again that domain name valuation is one of the few remaining largely unmastered skills in web business today. Most tech savvy webmasters, domain owners and businesses are highly competent in the day to day running of their web presence. You might, however, only buy or sell a domain on rare occasions — perhaps only a few times each month or less.

Setting the correct price (or reserve price) and aiming your asset to the right investors is crucial to profitable selling. Similarly it is of fundamental importance that shrewd buyers are equipped with a thorough and confident understanding of their investment. A wise and informed decision may be worth thousands of dollars to you. We are here to assist.Our services and strategic partnerships have been shaping the domain name industry since our launch in 2008, and we have an unparalleled understanding of the marketplace.

The team’s skill in determining the market value of a domain name allows our clients the confidence to negotiate a price which represents excellent value, no matter what the circumstances. The ‘valuations’ you see on other sites yield highly unreliable results because they cannot replicate the understanding or expertise of professionals.

We analyse, track and extrapolate a wide range of domain name metrics, and the manner in which they translate into monetary value. Our understanding of the marketplace is based on many years of frontline experience. As the valuation process becomes increasingly complex, the need for professional assistance becomes all the more important. We cringe to find professional people putting their faith in automated online tools that claim to offer ‘accurate’ valuations. These tools are usually spectacularly inaccurate. Not only do we give you unbeatable service, but we offer you the peace of mind and the ability to buy and sell with confidence.

Rest assured that our closely guarded software takes into account various external and intrinsic factors when making a valuation. A finger on the pulse of market conditions is a vital element — but we also consider essential factors including end use potential, marketability, brandability and more. MyDomainValueSM analysis and modeling techniques are known to offer the most accurate assessments of marketable domain prices and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future.

Website Valuation

Placing a monetary value on an intangible asset is a notoriously difficult skill, and it is little surprise that this remains one of the most poorly executed aspects of internet business. Most webmasters, web developers and internet entrepreneurs have at least some experience of buying and/or selling a website.

Many start a new business, run it for several months or years then eventually consider unlocking its value through a sale. Some, on the other hand, look to invest in ready established web businesses to bypass the difficult process of gaining exposure for a startup. The merits of buying and selling websites are unquestionable — the market allows webmasters to liquidate an asset or, conversely, to purchase an already profitable venture from earmarked funds.

Our goal at is to remove some of the considerable uncertainty and lost gains in the process of buying and selling websites. We act in the interests of each of our clients and we are determined to prevent each one from receiving too little or paying too much for a site. Many established websites represent a lot of hard work and investment and it is a catastrophic mistake to sell yours too cheap. On the other hand, those buying into a successful website must ensure they see a return on their investment.

We have been analysing and closely tracking the sales prices of websites over the course of more than 7 years. We have a firm grasp of the market for established and prebuilt websites and we invest all our expertise in every single certified valuation we undertake. When we quiz most web entrepreneurs on the subject of selling a website many would mention woefully inadequate rules of thumb.

We passionately believe that both buyers and sellers should be equipped with a firm understanding of each website they trade, because we know a correct decision can be worth thousands of dollars to our clients. When we are hired we carry out in depth research to gain a keen understanding of the website in question. The data we collect and the analysis we undertake allow us to model an accurate market price with which our clients can negotiate a price which represents good value. We also produce a report detailing the valuation.

Getting Started

We tailor the style of our service to our customer’s needs. We realize that website and domain name valuation is undertaken for a variety of reasons, and we aim to fulfill every objective of our clients. Please feel free to contact the team if you’d like to discuss your specific circumstances. Above we’ve detailed our most requested and best selling solutions.

We can, however, tweak our service or provide quotes for custom projects on request. If you would like a quote for custom advisory or consulting work then please reach out to our experienced team via email. We make it our duty to gain a full and in-depth understanding of every project before starting work so we can put ourselves in your shoes, and we embark on each assignment with the same dedication and expertise.