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Using Google Trends For More Effective Keyword Research

Google Trends is a free tool that helps visualize search trends. Hence the name right? Google Trends can easily be leveraged to provide you with valuable insights while crafting your next SEO campaign.

Before you dive into Google Trends headfirst there’s some things you should know. First, Google trends provides relative data not actual search counts. That means that the charts are relative to the keyword you’re searching for rather than all other keywords. To get a wider picture you’d have to do some fancy data wranglin’.

A graph of interest over time for the keyword “keyword research tools”

This data does a great job of visualizing seasonal variations and emerging interests. In the picture above it’s hard to draw any valuable insight with regards to interest in the specified keyword. What about other topics though?

Interest over a 2-year period for the keyword “cryptocurrency”

As you can see, Google Trends is mirrors public interest in certain topics. The image above shows how interest in cryptocurrency (bitcoin) exploded towards the end of 2017 but quickly lost mainstream attention by spring 2018. In many cases, Google Trends follows what’s in the media. But not all cases. These outliers are the one’s we’re interested in.

Spotting Seasonal Trends

Before you invest too much in your business it pays to have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. Google Trends can help predict market value in many cases and help spot seasonal trends that can help better plan your marketing campaigns.

5-Year Plot of Search Interest for the Keyword “Snow Shoes”

This picture shows how interest for the keyword “snow shoes” drops off during summer months and peaks during the winter months. This could help direct a sporting goods business to shift their inventory to match a seasonal demand. This one’s a bit of a no-brainier but probing around your niche can help provide valuable insights that aren’t always so common-sense.

Spotting Related Content

Using Google Trends isn’t always about which keywords you’re going to optimize your next SEO campaign for. The Google Trends tool also provides insight into related topics and related searches. These aren’t always direct relationships but usually can be leveraged in some way.

Related Terms for the Keywords “Snow Shoes”

This view shoes that the term Jon Snow is a breakout term related to snow shoes. For those of you that don’t know—Jon Snow is a character on HBO’s Game of Thrones series. You might ask yourself “how the hell is this information useful to my snow shoe business?”

Not every piece of media your company creates should have the goal of selling something. Sometimes just reminding people you’re there is a good gameplan!

Locate Your Audience

One little know feature of Google Trends is that it allows you to examine trends for YouTube, Google Images, Google Shopping, and several other search engines. Terms trending in traditional search might not mirror to YouTube. After all, who goes to YouTube for searches like “election results?”

Search trend for “python tutorials”
YouTube trend for “python tutorials”

As you can see, interest in the same topics can vary depending on the source of the search. Python is a computer language that has rapidly been popularized with the rise of machine learning and data science. Search contrasts like these can help recognize that video might not be the best format for a website looking to develop a Python tutorial series.